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Wrong Game Show Host Dies


alex trebek, donald trump, jeopardy

LOS ANGELES β€” A heartbroken nation looked on with remorse this afternoon as reports tragically confirmed that the wrong game show host had died early this morning.

Following an outpouring of support after a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer, the beloved game show host shared regular updates and continued working up until very recently before passing peacefully this morning, surrounded by friends. Sources say this is the exact opposite thing that many Americans were hoping would happen.

β€œI felt so upset once I learned the game show host that I love was gone,” said Tyler Reese, a longtime fan of the game show hosted by the dearly adored public figure. β€œI was hoping to wake up to news that the other game show host that I hate died violently surrounded by nobody, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what happened. This sucks.Β 

β€œAnd to make matters worse,” Reese added, β€œit’s also the host of the best TV show in history instead of the host of the worst TV show in history. Talk about bad luck.”

At press time, the nation was reportedly holding out hope for a Double Jeopardy.

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