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Tom Hooper Suggests Re-Releasing ‘Cats’ After Shutdown Because It Seems Like Everyone Was Busy When It Came Out or Something


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LOS ANGELES — Cats director Tom Hooper suggested on social media today that theaters could re-release Cats once the quarantine ends because people seemingly missed it on the first go-around.

“I think after this COVID stuff ends, it would be nice to welcome everyone back to the theaters with a re-release of Cats!” Hooper said in an Instagram post. “Something like Avengers: Endgame could be fun too, of course, but everyone already saw that. Not really sure why people didn’t get around to Cats, but I guess everyone was busy when it came out the first time around. Maybe they all had a wedding to go to or something? No judgement either way, but I bet people are itching for a chance to finally see Cats on the big screen!”

As of press time, the Instagram post had garnered 13 likes from fans and one comment, from  Hooper’s mother, saying she would love to see the film again.

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