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Rich Man Has Idea for Documentary About Himself


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LOS ANGELES — Tony Yucker, an entrepreneur, influencer, and heir to the massive Yucker fortune, has added filmmaking to his interests, with a new documentary dedicated exclusively to his humanitarian efforts due to be released soon. 

“I had always wanted to branch out into Hollywood,” said Yucker, the 29 year old son of famed real estate tycoon Anton Yucker. “But I could never quite figure out a way to make sure my output was focused squarely around me and my contributions to the world. Then I saw that six episode Kevin Hart thing on Netflix. That gave me one of my most ingenious ideas of all time: to just do what he did.”

Equipped with nothing but an idea and a multibillion dollar inherited empire, Yucker went straight to work hiring a group of amatuer filmmakers to help his vague vision about himself see the light of day. 

“Yeah, he kept telling me to film him and ask him questions,” said Spike Clavin, a film student at NYU. “But then no matter what I asked him he kept just talking about what kind of person he tries to be and how much he regrets cheating on all of his wives. Then he made me film him and Gwenyth Palrow giving homeless people sack lunches for three hours.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting release plans worldwide, Yucker has stated that perhaps he will consider alternative release methods for the project. 

“It is too bad we can’t get this out in theaters,” he said. “But I think the message of ‘I am a good and interesting person,’ needs to be heard, and that is why I am spending over $20 million of my own personal fortune to airdrop a copy of this film to every person in America that needs it right now. Which is all of them. Trust me. You all have Ultra 4k UHD Blu Ray players, right?”

Yucker has announced that all profits from the completed film, Yucker, will be donated entirely to The Yucker Foundation.

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