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Podcast Listener Takes Fandom to Next Level by Googling What Hosts Look Like


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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Amanda Hastings, 28, decided that after six months of working her way through the entire backlog of My Favorite Murder episodes, it was finally time to take a step only the most committed podcast fans dare to take: looking up what the hosts of the show actually look like.

“When I realized how much time I’d spent with their voices, it started to feel weird that I had no idea what these people looked like, so I started out by googling Karen Kilgariff,” said Hastings, referring to the native of Petaluma, California, who co-hosts the podcast. “I always pictured Karen as having bright blue dyed hair, but in reality, she looks more like if The Good Wife and Captain Janeway had a baby. Which so fits the show.”

Sources close to the podcast listener report, however, that the search did not end there.

“Once I knew how wrong I’d been about Karen’s appearance, I of course had to look up Georgia Hardstark. They always talk about her vintage dresses, so I guess in my head she was a blonde, like Marilyn Monroe?”

The truth reportedly shocked Hastings to her core.

“Georgia is a brunette. They’re both brunettes,” Hastings murmured. “I’m so shook right now. Something’s throwing me off. Like they should have the opposite names, or voices, or something. I wonder if anyone has ever told them that before. I would go to a live show and ask them that question, but I am just not ready for that kind of commitment.”

Hastings hinted that if things continued down this path, she could picture herself following Hardstark’s cats on Instagram in the next couple months.

As of press time, Hastings had also looked up the hosts of her second favorite podcast, My Brother, My Brother, and Me, only to discover that the two voices she kept hearing were actually three people.

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