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Little Baby Boy Tom Holland Stars in Big Grown Up Movie With Adults


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LOS ANGELES — Young baby child and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland stars in the new film The Devil All the Time with all the big grown up actors. 

“It was very nice working with such a sweet little boy in my new movie,” said director Antonio Campos. “He’s quite amazing, to be honest; he can do all the big boy acting stuff that the grown-ups do! It’s very cute to watch him working on his little accents and facial expressions and such. I hope he sticks with acting! A lot of kids lose interest as they get older and realize the reality of the industry.”

According to those on set, it was a welcome change having a child running around for once, instead of a bunch of adults, like normal.

“It really brightened the mood of the whole cast, having Tom play pretend with us. You gotta remember sometimes that this whole thing is pretty darn silly. I guess having a baby boy like Tom Holland hanging with the adults made us remember that,” said co-star Robert Pattinson. “Sometimes it’s good to just remember what it’s like to be young and not hung up with the problems that come with adulthood. Oh to be Tom’s age, again. Running around chasing butterflies or whatever it is that children get up to.”

At press time, Holland’s smooshy little baby face explained that he had no idea what any of his co-workers were talking about.

“I swear to god,” Holland said,” every time those guys talk, all I hear is the sound the parents make in Peanuts.”

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