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‘How it Should Have Ended’ Sparks Controversy With Video ‘How the Iraq War Should Have Ended’


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LOS ANGELES — Fans of hit YouTube animated series How It Should Have Ended have erupted in anger after the controversial release of their newest video “How the Iraq War Should Have Ended,” which attempts to humorously suggest a full-scale invasion of the country by United States military in the year 2005.

“I just wanna see a nice little video about how the Sonic movie had a plot hole that could have been filled with a sarcastic line of questioning by James Marsden,” said commenter JezuzFreak83. “No episode of HISHE should feature tanks rolling through a cartoonized Baghdad, on their way to destroy the lives of millions. The Iraq War isn’t a comic book movie, it’s a fucking war!

“I mean, hell — they could at least have thrown in Superman or Wolverine at the end to add some levity,” said a reply by StevensCoolUniverse1010, “instead of just a realistic depiction of how the HISHE team thinks the Iraq War would have gone if President Bush was ‘tougher.’ Their words.”

According to a statement on their YouTube channel, the creators of the series did not realize that the video would cause so much trouble.

“Honestly, I didn’t even realize we were being political,” said How It Should Have Ended co-creator Daniel Baxter. “I’m not really a political guy, but I spent a whole weekend with my very conservative friend last week and this just happened to be the plot hole my brain set its sights on afterwards. I just think of plot holes as plot holes — whether that means Batman not having time to make a giant flaming bat in The Dark Knight Rises or the media not trusting American hero Dick Cheney when he said there were a buncha WMDs in Iraq.”

As of press time, Baxter was hard at work on his next installment, “How Jeffrey Epstein’s Life Should Have Ended.”

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