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Disney+ Announces ‘Young Baby Yoda’ Spin-Off


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LOS ANGELES — Following the recent successes of sitcoms like Young Sheldon and Young Rock,  the Disney Plus streaming service has officially announced its newest Star Wars spinoff, a Mandalorian prequel called Young Baby Yoda

“Yeah, he’s a child, but he’s also 50 fucking years old,” said Executive Chairman of Disney Bob Iger. “You know what that means, right? More stories, baby! We here at Disney don’t believe in letting one fucking year of a fictional character’s life go to waste, so it’s time to answer the questions fans never had. Like did Young Baby Yoda shit in a diaper? And uh, did Young Baby Yoda, uh, eat … stuff? I don’t know, we’ll figure it out later!” 

Fans were overjoyed to hear that they would be getting some insights into the beloved character whose backstory in no way requires further clarification. 

“This show is going to be amazing,” said Lucas Benton, a lifelong Star Wars fan. “Sometimes I’m watching the classic movies and I can’t even concentrate, because I find myself wondering what most of these characters were like as children. Like yeah, okay, you’re thwarting evil in an intergalactic war, but I think most of us are really interested in what kind of grade school student Princess Leia was, you know? Glad they’re finally getting around to filling in giant gaps that that awful Mandalorian show left open.”

The show will be executive produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, the same team behind the smash hit series that preceded it. 

“If all goes to plan, we’ll be prepping Newborn Young Baby Yoda by the winter,” said Favreau. “And then we’ll probably do something on a cellular level, get into Midochlorians and all of that. What was it like when Baby Yoda was conceived? We have to go younger. We simply must.” 

Young Baby Yoda joins an already announced slate of upcoming Star Wars spinoffs which also includes Tiny Jabba, Lil’ Ackbar, and Baby Mace Windu.