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BREAKING: Baby Yoda Has Died


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MATMATA, Tunisia Close sources from within The Mandalorian production team solemnly reported today that breakout star Baby Yoda died while filming on location in Tunisia. 

According to those familiar with the situation, Baby Yoda was waddling in the sand, innocently and adorably, when a large European honey buzzard swooped down and grasped the lovable little alien with its powerful, horrible talons. With a loud screech, the honey buzzard then darted through the air, carrying the helpless, defenseless Baby Yoda with it.

“I really wish the force was real,” said one witness, a gaffer on-set who saw the whole ordeal. “Then maybe Baby Yoda could have fought back.” 

“But it isn’t, so he couldn’t,” The witness then added, sighing. “The force isn’t real, and now Baby Yoda is gone.” 

The cast and crew are reportedly baffled by this turn of events. 

“Baby Yoda was pretty important to the plot of the show, actually,” said one writer interviewed for comment. “We’re not totally sure where we’re going to take it now. Maybe we’ll do something with midichlorians?”

“Maybe we’ll replace Baby Yoda with a baby gungan or something fun like that,” the writer continued. “Honestly, we’ll probably just skip the middleman and stuff a funko pop in that floating crib and call it a day.” 

Baby Yoda is survived by his costar, closest friend, and personal confidant, Werner Herzog. 

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