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Anime Girl Has Massive Back Problems After Spending Entire Life With Her Knees Bent In



KYOTO, Japan — Mitsui Aya, star of the popular anime series Teenage Monster Slayers, has begun experiencing debilitating back pain as a result of spending her entire life with her knees bent in, the monster slayer and her chiropractor both confirmed. 

“When I first started experiencing pain in my lower back, I assumed it was from all of the monster fighting I was doing,” said Aya yesterday following a physical therapy appointment at the Kyoto Center for Anime and Dating Sim Injuries. “But then I went to a chiropractor and he explained that the discomfort was actually due to my poor posture.”

Aya’s chiropractor confirms this problem has become all too common in hand-drawn characters.

“We see it all the time in anime girls,” said Dr. Akagi, who specializes in animation-based pain. “These girls think it’s kawaii to pose with your knees bent in while flashing a double peace sign, or erotic to hold the knees together when lying naked on silk sheets. And while they’re completely correct, this position can have serious consequences in the long term.”

In order to return to fighting shape, Aya has taken a leave of absence from Monster Hunter High School and devoted herself full-time to the recovery process. 

“It’s imperative that we strengthen her back muscles as soon as possible,” said Dr. Akagi, “because she’s going to need all the support she can get with a rack like that.”

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