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Just like the 3DS before it, the Nintendo Switch is home to many of this generation’s best RPGs. From some of Nintendo’s own in-house teams, to partners like Square Enix, there have been some truly great RPGs on this handheld-home console hybrid. Not only are new games in this genre constantly being made, but old classics are ported as well, making the Switch a true haven for the RPG genre. Here are 6 of the best RPGs that you can get on the Nintendo Switch as of 2023.

Final Fantasy (series)

The longer I thought about it, the more it seemed impossible to include just a single Final Fantasy game on this list. The franchise that made the RPG genre what it is, Final Fantasy has had a ton of influence on the industry. It shows in their retro games that are ported to Switch, of which there are plenty to keep you busy. The list includes:

  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2
  • Final Fantasy XII

In addition to those existing ones, the Pixel Remasters of 1-6 are coming this spring. These games are something every RPG fan needs to experience if they haven’t already. If you’re looking for a good jumping on point, I’d recommend starting with the Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster.

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03/09/2023 05:53 pm GMT

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is one of the best innovations that Pokemon has brought to the series, and one of the best RPGs on the Switch. There’s an argument to be made to put the newly released Pokemon Scarlet & Violet on this list instead, but I do believe that Legends is more deserving. The shakeup to main gameplay formula makes this game a true realization of the “catch ‘em all” model that the series has advertised since its inception. For the first time, there’s no need to trade, transfer, or hack to complete a full Pokedex. The whole thing can be done individually, without a second game or player to trade and evolve Pokemon. The main game itself is fun enough, revolving around catching certain Pokemon and completing certain challenges to access later areas in the game. This loop is fun enough, but the game really shines in the postgame. Completing challenges to capture legendary Pokemon and exploring to finish up some missing Pokemon is very fun. Finally, the postgame culminates in what is the series best boss fight since Red in Pokemon Gold & Silver. If you skipped this one to wait for Scarlet & Violet, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

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