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20 Things in WandaVision That Could’ve Been Mephisto


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One of the most popular theories about WandaVision was that it was all being controlled by Mephisto, an extra-dimensional being who basically serves as Marvel’s version of Satan. Even though the series has concluded without revealing Mephisto’s involvement, that’s not gonna stop us from pontificating about who or what in the show could still actually be him. Mephisto could still be in there somewhere! There’s at least, like, 20 things that could be him!


  1. “Ralph Bohner”—Uh, nice try, Marvel, but if this dude isn’t actually Quicksilver then he clearly has to be Mephisto! This is a classic misdirect that’ll probably pay off once we finally get to Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness, which might as well be called The Multiverse of Mephisto, if you ask us.


  1. Señor Scratchy—Agatha “Also Might Be Mephisto” Harkness has a rabbit who is introduced near the end of the series, and this rabbit has a surname similar to Nicholas Scratch, who is Agatha’s son in the comics, and Scratch is an alias of the Devil, aka MEPHISTO.


  1. That Dude With The Mustache—Remember that guy who has a couple funny lines in the black-and-white episodes and then doesn’t really do much for the rest of the series? Well, it’s probably because he’s busy manipulating everything behind the scenes since he’s Mephisto.


  1. Dottie—The stuck-up neighbor, remember her? Well, it’s the same actress that played Anya in a couple seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and that show was all about vampires and werewolves and demons, so duh, easily could be Mephisto.


  1. The Guy Who Plays The Corrupt Government Official That Looks Like Danny Huston But Isn’t Actually Danny Huston—Admit it. You thought it was Danny. Classic trick, definitely the kind of thing Mephisto would pull.


  1. Jimmy Woo-Hey—Remember when he does that card trick the first time we see him? That’s magic, which is something that Mephisto also can do!


  1. Sparky—The dog that Agatha “kills.” Being dead seems like the perfect cover for Mephisto!


  1. The Aerospace Engineer—Monica Rambeau mentions this character and we all expected it to be Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, but it turns out to just be some army lady? Nice disguise, Mephisto!


  1. The Piece Of Steak That Mr. Hart Chokes On in Episode One—Look, Mephisto is pretty powerful. He can do all kinds of crazy stuff so maybe he can be foodl.


  1. The Cartoon Shark From The “Yo Magic” Commercial—Sharks have teeth. So does Mephisto.


  1. The Concrete Wall That The Neighbor Cuts Through—Okay, this could be a long shot but imagine how smart we’ll look if it turns out to be true.


  1. Kat Dennings’ Black Parade Costume From the Modern Family Episode—Devil/Mephisto vibes from that outfit. You know it’s true. Don’t pretend.


  1. Paul Bettany’s ‘70s Wig—That thing for sure came from a Hell-type place, right? There’s absolutely no way that thing isn’t a direct reference to Mephisto. Please, I really need this.


  1. The Necronomicon In Agatha’s Basement—Darkhold, my ass. That’s the Book of The Dead. Which is also actually Mephisto.


  1. That Evil-Looking Stork—I don’t know, man.


  1. No Way That Beekeeper Ain’t Mephisto, Come On!


  1. Uh, Elizabeth Olsen’s Mom Jeans From the ‘80s Episode


  1. There Was A Skrull At The End, Right? Yeah, Probably Also Mephisto


  1. The Live Studio Audience From the First Few Episodes


  1. Kit Fisto—That’s right. Cthulhu-face Jedi dude from the Star Wars prequels. Disney owns that and MCU, so it looks like we’re finally setting up the Marvel/Star Wars shared universe, and how are we doing it? Mephisto, that’s how, nerd!