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Gamer Working Through Backlog Amazed How Good Pong Is


LAREDO, Texas — While playing through his gaming backlog on Twitch, professional streamer Duncan Clyde was surprised to find out how good Pong is.

“Like most gamers, I spent the quarantine trying to keep up with the unbearable amount of new games coming out every month. But then I decided, no, that’s not enough,” said Clyde, 17, who goes by Doocly online. “I’m not going to be a true gamer until I’ve played them all. Every single one. So, I might as well start at the start. And holy, shit, Pong owns!”

Doocly’s original idea was to play and finish one game every few days on stream, but instead, he spent two weeks just playing Pong, an early arcade game released by Atari in 1972.

“Gang, you just don’t get how good games used to be,” Doocly said on stream. “This is pure gaming, right here. Moving paddles to beat the opponent in weird tennis. That’s it. Nowhere do I need to pay gems for anything. No grinding for experience to unlock new stuff. It’s all there from the jump. I’ve never seen anything like it. Let’s go!”

Doocly, a former massive fan of Call of Duty, gave up playing the first-person shooter after his experiences with early video games.

“I’ve won and lost to this opponent, and not once has it said I should go fuck my dead grandma,” Doocly said, booting up his 30th round of the night. “So don’t expect me to drop into any lobbies anytime soon.”

At press time, Doocly had been banned from Twitch after moving on to the next game in his backlog, Custer’s Revenge.