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Gamer Refers to Permanent Indent in Couch as ‘Gaming Nook’


PENSACOLA, Fla. — Local gamer Floyd Hooper has begun using the phrase “gaming nook” to describe the deep valley in his couch where he sits while playing video games for roughly 16 hours per day.

“Yeah, that’s my cozy little nook over there, right next to the charcuterie board,” said Hooper, gesturing to a paper plate of warm salami and half-eaten slices of American cheese. “It’s where I like to curl up and spend my mornings, if I’m awake, and also my afternoons and evenings. I sleep there sometimes, too.”

Hooper explained that the gaming nook was his personal addition to the studio apartment, as a way to “spice up the place” and “make it his own.”

“The idea was to give myself a change of scenery throughout the day. I built the gaming nook, of course, and also the gaming chair, and the gaming bed. It took a lot of work in Destiny 2 before all three were complete,” he said, in reference to the sagging desk chair and hot, moist mattress. “I also try to spend at least an hour per day on the toilet. Just my way of staying active in these trying times.”

Hooper’s former roommate, Clara Rosen, confirmed it was not the first time he took on a home improvement project.

“We had this coffee table we got at Ikea, and I guess Floyd thought it was kind of boring to look at, so he gave it a ‘redesign’ by putting his feet up on it while playing Skyrim every day. Within a year, it had all kinds of ornate designs on the top, and some pretty deep cracks,” said Rosen, who described all their furniture as “unusable” by the time they moved out. “Really creative guy.”

At press time, Hooper had retreated to what he called the “weed smoking room,” which appeared to be the entire apartment.