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Gamer Insists PS5 He Doesn’t Have Is Better Than Xbox Series X He Also Doesn’t Have


COLUMBIA, S.C. — In a recent online argument, local gamer Max Anderson was adamant that the PS5 was “far and away” superior to the Xbox Series X, despite never playing either console.

“This generation is another home run for Sony, and another massive L for you greedy hacks. Die angry about it,” Anderson tweeted at the official Xbox account. “I’ll be sticking with my PS5 when I can find one, thank you.”

When reached for comment, Anderson was eager to expand on the exact ways one console outshined the other.

“The graphics, the speed, the game selection, the interface — just the overall experience of playing the PS5, I reckon it’s great. Way better than I reckon the Xbox Series X would be, if I had one of those. The PS5 is also way cooler looking,” he explained, and pointed to an empty spot under his TV stand. “Just imagine it over there. Now, imagine the boring black Xbox over there. Huge difference, right?”

Anderson has made a habit of arguing under Xbox posts, as he feels the replies are full of “biased gamers with an agenda.”

“If you see someone saying the Xbox Series X is good, I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper into their background. Nine times out of ten, that person has an Xbox Series X themselves. How can you expect a Microsoft stooge like that to be objective?” said Anderson, who also replies to the PlayStation account daily, asking for any leads on finding a PS5. “It’s clear what team they’re on.”

At press time, Anderson was insisting the Forza series is overrated, and that Gran Turismo 7 will blow it out of the water probably.