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Female Video Game Character With Undercut Gonna Piss a Lot of People Off for Some Reason


LOS ANGELES — A new video game trailer on Twitter features a female character with the side of her head shaved. Feedback has been very vocal and incredibly mixed, for some reason.

“I can’t believe they’d do this,” one prominent YouTuber said in the replies. “A girl with an undercut? Did they really have to go all political on us?”

While many were upset with the decision to give a female character a specific haircut seen in many forms of popular media or even just women walking down the street, some fans were weirdly ecstatic about the incredibly minute detail.

“Yassssss,” read one of the top replies. “Slay. Get it. This is everything. This haircut is really going to stick it to all those nasty incels.”

As the comments section and Twitter replies grew ablaze in response for one reason or another, the game developers decided to weigh in on the issue themselves.

“Yeah, I guess you kind of have to take into account the whole culture war going on,” the creative director said. “I will say I was a little disappointed that no one seemed to be commenting on the cinematics, music, or gameplay showcase that we put a lot of time and effort into. Oh well.”

At press time, several games with multiple Hitler youth haircuts had received almost no feedback at all.