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Fans of ‘The Crown’ Finally Read the Manga


OXFORD, Conn. — After a massive wave of scanlations hit the internet, fans of the acclaimed Netflix series The Crown have finally begun reading the manga that the show was originally based on. 

The manga, called Whinza- hausu no ōkan or The Crown of Windsor House in Japan, premiered as a dramatic retelling of current events surrounding the British Royal family in Shonen Jump’s first issue in 1968. English- speaking fans of the long-untranslated series are reading through the thousands of chapters of material at their own pace and sharing feelings of dread, excitement, and confusion online.

“I’m not an expert on manga, but I think this is a great adaptation of The Crown. The most confusing part was figuring out that it was written from left to right,” said Paul Meyer on Facebook. “Also, why does everyone’s hair look like that?”

“A lot of the characters’ names in the royal family are repetitive and confusing,” tweeted @MagnaCarti420. “But I’m a JoJo fan, so I guess I’m used to that.”

Some fans feel unsure of what to take away from the story after binge-reading the entire thing. “I’m starting to wonder if this entire series is just racist and awful,” complained Ryan Cruz. “Is it glorifying colonialism and genocide, or it just exploring its horrors and complexities? Either way, it’s very dystopian.” 

The Crown has received immense critical acclaim for its loyalty to the original story. However, fans still believe that the creators will take some liberties with adapting the remainder of the manga for television. For example, fans online are confident that their beloved Princess Diana-chan will be protected with plot armor. “Come on,” said one commenter, “this is The Crown, not Attack on Titan.”