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Doctor Prescribes Memories of Friends to Shōnen Hero as Treatment for Broken Legs


MURA VILLAGE — Local hero Shen, 14 (but also, in a way, an ageless immortal being), is feeling better today after his doctor told him to remember playing in the fields of his childhood home with friends who love him dearly, healing his broken legs.

“I’ve done this procedure many times in the past,” explained Dr. Lee. “You simply set the patient down, and tell them to look into their heart and recall the good old days with their young pals. I always insist they remember in sepia tone to heighten the curative properties of the memory. Usually, just visualizing the voice of their loved ones shouting their name in the distance is enough to heal them, whether it’s a broken heart or a broken limb.”

According to those familiar with the situation, Shen went back to the time he saved his sister Ayane from a wild boar, and when he and his friends Chizu and Eiko shared ice cream with each other. Shen immediately stood up on his previously-injured legs.

“If done right, the healing should be near instantaneous, almost as if the injury never occurred,” Dr. Lee said. “Usually I’ll prescribe the memories mid-fight, to allow the patient to make a stunning come-back and defeat their foe, or win whatever competition they’re currently involved in. I don’t foresee Shen having to come back to the hospital, unless of course, God Himself has budget cuts and we need to spend a few weeks without a lot of action.”

As of press time, Shen went back into town to hunt down his rival, holding his memories close, all while an intense and stirring orchestral score played behind him.

Headline by Owen Crowlie, article by Jon Ruggiero.