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Coen Brothers Admit They’re Only Directing Garfield Movie Because They Thought Bill Murray Was In It


LOS ANGELES — Joel and Ethan Coen, attached to direct the new animated Garfield movie, admitted today that they only signed on for the movie having thought that the star would be Bill Murray rather than Chris Pratt.

“Oh man, this is so stupid. I really thought this was the Bill Murray one. I love that guy,” said Joel Coen at a press conference for the film. “Ethan was taking an indefinite hiatus from film to focus on plays and he even came back just to direct this movie with me because we thought it would be such a cool thing. We just love Bill and want to work with him on something where he’s front and center so we jumped on this without really looking into the details of it. And Chris Pratt seems cool, I guess, but he’s just not really our guy. Maybe we can get Francis to play Nermal or something. Do people even really know he’s a boy?”

According to those close to the situation, Bill Murray said he would love to work with the Coens, but unfortunately now they’re busy working on this Garfield movie.

“I totally get where they’re coming from,” Murray said. “It happens to the best of us.”