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Client Doesn’t Get Why 5-Month Pregnant Artist Can’t Just Release Baby Already


HENDERSON, Nev. — Local man Albert Nixon is reportedly harassing artist and surrogate mother  Annabelle Dotson about when her baby will be born despite Dotson being pregnant for just five months.

“I don’t get it at all! I know she said the baby was going to take nine months to be completed, but I figured she was just exaggerating. What the hell could possibly be taking so long?!” Nixon asked. “I paid really good money for Annabelle to be the surrogate mother for my baby, so I think I’m entirely in my right to demand that the baby be born right away. When she told me nine months, I thought that included the time it would take to fix any edits I had in mind, free of charge. If the baby doesn’t come out looking exactly how I want it to look, you bet I’m going to send it back with notes!”

Dotson, however, sees the experience as regular, according to those familiar with the situation.

“I’m an artist by trade, so I make most of my money drawing fursona commissions for people. So yeah, I wasn’t too surprised by this guy,” Dotson explained. “Before I even agreed to be a surrogate mother for this guy, he tried to convince me to do the whole thing for free. He said he would give me a shoutout on his Instagram account when he posted a picture of the baby. Not really sure what he thought that exposure would be good for… getting my name out there to be a surrogate for a more expensive baby?”

At press time, Nixon had reportedly threatened to commission a different surrogate mother who could produce a baby on a faster timeline if Dotson wasn’t able to agree to his demands.