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Christopher Nolan Reveals He Will Not Watch YouTube Videos Unless They’re on IMAX Screen


LOS ANGELES — Director and cinema traditionalist Christopher Nolan has revealed that he refuses to watch any YouTube links he is sent unless he can view them on an IMAX screen. 

“It’s doing the author a disservice to view it in anything less,” said Nolan, shortly after viewing a funny video of a rabbit using a crosswalk in his private screening room. “Culturally we’ve taken so many steps away from the ideal cinematic viewing experience, I’m digging my heels in. I refuse to let our screens get smaller and smaller as our cameras get better and better. It makes no sense!”

The peculiar practice was confirmed by his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan Nolan. 

“Yeah, I stopped sending him links when I found that out, it seems like such a hassle,” he said. “He’ll send me these texts like ‘Just finally got to see the little film you sent me last week. Smashing cinematography! That roller skate hit that guy right in the dick! Big future for that filmmaker,’ and I just don’t know if YouTube is necessarily the right thing for him. “

Executives from the popular streaming video website disagreed with Jonathan Nolan’s assessment. 

“We applaud Nolan’s atypical approach to viewing the content on our platform,” said Don Stamp, an executive at YouTube. “Everyone knows we don’t really give a fuck what you see on our platform, so long as you are using it, so natrually the same philosophy applies to how you consume our videos. We’re YouTube, anything goes!”

As of press time Nolan was filming his daughter jumping into a pool with a 70mm camera while using a full crew.