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Brave: This 25-Year Old Man Is Not Afraid to Admit That Minecraft Is a Little Scary Sometimes


NESQUEHONING, Pa. — Local man Gavin Trujillo has inspired friends and family after publicly admitting that Minecraft can be “a little scary sometimes.”

“I’m not afraid to say it,” Trujillo confirmed, insisting his statement go on public record. “Minecraft can get a little spooky. I mean, there’s all these mobs that wanna hurt you when you’re mining in the caves or at nighttime, like zombies, spiders, and skeletons. What’s not to be afraid of? And when you’re playing alone and you hear one of them behind you? No thank you!” 

Trujillo’s stance has resonated with his friends, who hold regular group sessions to be less scared of the monsters together as a group. 

“Gavin’s a hero for saying what we were all thinking,” said Reese Malcolm, Trujillo’s roommate. “Now a bunch of us, all in our mid-to-late 30s with full-time jobs and committed relationships, play on a server so we can all go exploring together. We all spend the in-game day doing the exact same task so that way no one is on their own, and as soon as the sun goes down, we go to bed and skip to the next day so then we don’t have to deal with any bad guys like… like the Enderman,” Malcolm said, shivering.

But while some have found solace in Trujillo’s bravery, others have expressed disapproval. 

“hes a lil bitch lol” said Trujillo’s 10-year-old cousin Shawn in a statement via Instagram DM. When asked for a follow-up comment, Shawn declined.

Trujillo was undaunted by the criticism, insisting that he actually enjoyed “lots of pretty twisted stuff” outside of Minecraft and was not, in fact, a lil bitch.

“I’m a big movie buff, especially when it comes to horror flicks,” he said. “Slasher flicks, grindhouse, even torture porn: I love all that stuff. But those creepers? That’s just too much!”

At press time, Gavin Trujillo announced that he and his Discord channel had no intentions of ever exploring the Nether for fear of those “freaky ghasts.”