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Borderlands 4 Writer Hopes People Lose It Over Mario Casting Reference in 2027


FRISCO, Texas — Gearbox Software staff writer Adrien Dansforth has high hopes that gamers will absolutely lose it after hearing the sardonic one-liner about Chris Pratt’s casting as Super Mario that he just wrote for the script of Borderlands 4, which will come out in roughly six years.

“Man, people are going to absolutely flip at this brilliant reference,” said Dansforth, hastily sending his joke in an email to the production department so that it can be quickly recorded while the premise is still fresh. “This Mario movie casting news is, like, the perfect material for a joke in the next Borderlands game. Games take what, six, seven, maybe eight years to develop? By that time, the Mario movie will only be a few years old. That just gives this joke time to stew in its own nostalgia, meaning it will land even better.”

“You see, pop culture references are like milk, assuming that milk ages well, which I’m pretty sure of,” said Danforth. “What I mean is the further in time you get from the original reference, the better the joke lands when you hear it. That’s why Nazi jokes are always so good! Speaking of which, I should write more Nazi jokes to put in Borderlands 4.”

At press time, sources say that the recording session of Danforth’s one-liners also included references to Henry Cavil’s moustache in Batman v Superman, the disappointing final season of Game of Thrones, and of course September 11th.