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Beloved Sportscaster John Madden Dead at NFL 22


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — According to longtime business partner EA Sports, beloved sports broadcaster John Madden has passed away at the age of NFL 22.

“We’re saddened at the loss of a true giant, a coach and broadcaster who transcended football, bringing joy to the living rooms of Americans everywhere. To lose him at the tender age of NFL 22, well, it’s a real tragedy,” said Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Sports. “He’ll be in our hearts through NFL 23 — coming next year — and beyond.”

Longtime fans mourned the loss, sharing cherished memories of the great coach, color commentator and occasional movie star.

“Kids these days think of John Madden as an old man, but not me—I remember him from the good old days of NFL 2005, back when they played the game the right way,” said local gamer Trish Cameron, 31. “Nowadays it’s all just stick tricks and fancy animations.”

Moments after the announcement, Fox NFL Sunday shared tragic news that Frank Caliendo’s John Madden impression had also passed away.