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Archeological Data Suggests ‘Key & Peele’ YouTube Videos Originally Came From TV Show


BERKELEY, Calif. — A group of archeologists have made a fascinating discovery that appears to indicate the Key & Peele sketches from YouTube were actually originally a part of a broadcast television program on TV long ago. 

“I can’t believe it,” said Katrina Quinn, a geology professor who’s hypothesis had been widely mocked in the scientific community. “I always knew we’d find the fossils we needed one day, and it’s right here. This VHS tape marked ‘S2E1 Obama College Years 9/26/12  22:00,’ clearly was used in some sort of a primitive broadcasting arrangement. It’s a little shocking to think that our ancestors were once living like this, but that’s what’s going on here. Just horrifying stuff.”

Fans of the series of internet shorts were skeptical at first, but eventually realized the discovery was true.

“Oh so it was like a bunch of them like, stitched together?” asked Mike Good, who grew up watching Key & Peele on YouTube. “That’s fun. Sounds like it might be exhausting, though. And wait a minute, so you wouldn’t get to pick which one came on next? Jesus Christ, why would I even care about that? I’m so glad we’re out of the stone ages of 10 years ago and can just find what we want on YouTube and shit.” 

The namesake members of the duo claim they can’t recall the origins of the mysterious comedy show. 

“It’s quite odd, actually,” said Jordan Peele, who became an Academy Award winning horror filmmaker after moving on from the viral videos. “I’ve heard these theories for years, and there is actually going to be an episode of The Twilight Zone about it very soon. Imagine if you will, a world where television viewers are slaves to the programming schedules of the television channels that hoard their beloved fiction.”

As of press time, Quinn had put forth a new theory,  speculating that you didn’t used to be able to say “shit” on regular TV, and now it’s totally cool.