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‘Among Us’ Devs Hit Back With Third Person Shooter Battle Royale Mode


REDMOND, Wash. — Retaliating against Epic Games for its new Fortnite Impostor Mode, Innersloth hurriedly announced a new third person shooter battle royale mode for Among Us.

“You made an ‘Impostor’ mode? Well, fuck it! Introducing Fort Night, our new third person shooter battle royale Among Us mode with building mechanics,” said Innersloth programmer Forest Willard. “Hop into Among Us with 98 of your friends or into a public lobby to play our awesome new totally original mode that we came up with all on our own. Because two can play at that game, Epic. Actually scratch that — 99 can play at that game. They can play it right fucking now on their phones in Among Us.”

Despite criticism, developers at Epic are reportedly confused that people are calling their new mode a rip-off.

“I don’t get it. Rip-off? We’re just doing, you know, the video game thing. Where you look at what’s popular and then recreate that exactly in your own game,” said Fortnite Design Director Eric Williamson. “Is that not… are people mad at us about doing PUBG but colorful? They know he stole that from a different DayZ mod, right? I thought Among Us was just Mafia in space. Hold on, are we supposed to be coming up with our own game modes? Because if so…. Fuck!”

Fans were quick to praise the new game mode by InnerSloth, but few have actually played it.

“I love Among Us for giving a huge fuck you to Fortnite, but I’m not gonna actually update the file in Steam or whatever,” said gamer Harvie Wagner. “It’s really cool and all, but there’s enough battle royale games out there right now that I’m not really dying to get into another one. I actually have only played Among Us once and I didn’t even like it that much because I only have two friends. I just think it’s funny to say ‘sus’ and ‘moogus’ online because it’s, like, ironic or whatever.”

At press time, Epic Games announced a new developer-only pickax skin for Fortnite, in which the end of the stick is just a photo of the $100 million it the company makes each day.

Among Us background art via SnakeCards676.