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Activision Blizzard Wins Game Award for Best Ongoing Scandal


LOS ANGELES — Garnering a round of enthusiastic applause from the live audience at the Microsoft Theater, Geoff Keighley announced on Thursday evening that gaming industry giant Activision Blizzard had won a Game Award in the category of best ongoing scandal.

“And the Game Award for best ongoing scandal goes to…Activision Blizzard! Wow, what a huge achievement,” uttered Geoff Keighley, host of the Game Awards, moments after opening up an envelope with the certified results from the event’s official voting jury. “This is a very highly sought after award, previously won by Naughty Dog and Rockstar, and I’m thrilled to present it to the team at Activision Blizzard today. It was a tough competition with the other nominees, and there are so many captivating, multi-part scandals going on in the gaming industry today, which makes it all the more difficult and impressive to stand out from the pack. Congratulations, Bobby Kotick, for making it all happen!”

Fans watching the Game Awards online had a split reaction to the news.

“I was honestly hoping best ongoing scandal would go to one of the various toxic fighting game communities that are constantly cropping up, or maybe Twitch failing to respond to streamers getting hate raided by racist bots, but I guess I’m not surprised by this outcome,” said one commenter on Twitter. “I just hope that the Game Awards continues to provide a platform for smaller, more grassroots indie gaming scandals instead of just these overblown AAA class action type things.”

At press time, Bobby Kotick told viewers while accepting the award that they could expect even more and more bonus content for their current scandal in the months and years to come.