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343 Announces Halo Infinite’s Tagline Will Be “Finish the Development”


REDMOND, Wash. — Surprise-releasing the beta for Halo Infinite multiplayer today, which appears to be the color blue in a resizable window, 343 also announced that the game’s tagline will be “Finish the Development.”

“Today’s the 20 year anniversary of Halo and we really want the game to remind players of Halo 3. That’s why we’re referencing the iconic ‘Finish the Fight’ tagline here with an updated phrase for Halo Infinite,” explained director Joseph Staten. “Because that’s what Master Chief’s ultimate goal is this time around: making it onto people’s Xboxes and PCs in a non-beta release. Remember ‘I Love Bees?’ The real world ARG — alternate reality game — that Bungie created to help hype up Halo 2? Well we’re doing an ARG for Halo Infinite as well, but for the developers this time around. And GameStubWindows is just the first clue in this exciting new adventure.”

At press time, 343 apologized, explaining that the light blue window that opens when you click “play” on Halo Infinite was actually supposed to be Master Chief Green.